Holga CameraMeet Holga, my new cheap yet very trendy plastic camera! I’m planning on taking Holga with me while exploring Sanford so stay tuned for some (hopefully!) special pictures. Now I just have to wait for the film to arrive (can’t buy it at CVS or Walgreens) so I can get started shooting. I have to say I am super excited to try the camera and for once not rely on technology! It will be challenge 🙂

Below is a definition of what a Holga camera is and does…

A Holga Camera is a study in plastic imperfection, and to use it as an exercise in breaking free from dependence on technology, precision, and uber-sharpness. The slight softness of the images, uncontrollable vignetting and peculiar light leaks create a partnership between you and your Holga. These “flaws”, accompanied by your creative choices, result in a quasi-serendipitous form of art. A Holga stretches our visual perception. Using a Holga adds another facet to the way we see the world. We notice more things, and thus we examine and evaluate their status. A Holga is an educator teaching us a new visual vocabulary with which to describe our world. A Holga is a rule breaker. To use a Holga is to utterly change the terms of reference most people use to interpret photography.

…and here is what I did about 3 years ago.