Claudia MundlosIt’s Day 22 and I have officially made it a habit: I am 365ing again! As some of you may have noticed, I started another round of 365 pictures of my life in Sanford FL on September 1st, 2011 – this time a lot more casual and with less restrictions.

The rule is to just post 1 picture in the 365 post (which can be hard sometimes) and keep the description to a minimum. The complete info on events and locations will follow in the respective sections on the blog. The Picture of the Day post is meant as sneak peak of what I might soon write about on Sanford365 but also just as a personal little diary of my life in Sanford, hence it will give you ideas of things to do in Sanford and current happenings.

I decided to put less constraints on the project because of my very full work and family schedule, so be prepared if there is not always a lot of detail in a post or if the post is really just a personal snapshot with a short caption. On the blog you will also be able to see what I did on that day about 3 years ago (during round 1 of Sanford365) through a link I post on the bottom of each post…

How to follow the project: Pictures will be posted daily (or at least 3 times a week) here on the blog and on facebook. There will soon also be a weekly Newsletter so stay tuned.

I hope you enjoy this second round of 365s – I just couldn’t resist to start it again šŸ˜‰

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