Paint the Trail in Sanford

Double digits, people! It’s officially day 10 of the Sanford365 project and while I still have another 90 days to go to hit the 3 digit zone I am still very happy about this small success (and I am looking for a reason to celebrate tonight – just kidding…).

So today I had the choice between pirate day at pre-school, a double rainbow over Lake Monroe and Paint the Trail at the Art Walk. Some days there’s hardly anything happening in my life (at least picture worthy) and then there’s 3 great pictures I could have posted. Anyway, rules are rules, and there’s always Instagram for the pictures that don’t make the cut… (look for the double rainbow picture on there!)

So without further ado, artist Jeff Sonksen brought his “Paint the Trail” project to Sanford tonight for the monthly Art Walk (Fourth Fridays in Sanford)- little N was definitely not as excited as I was to see his work up close, but at least he didn’t run out of the picture like he usually does. Toddlers… 😉

If you have walked the Seminole Trail you have certainly seen Jeff’s art. Read more about his awesome work here.