Well, that was a short stay for Kate O’Brien’s in Sanford. I am shocked to see that they have been already replaced by a new bar and grill…

I don’t know much about the details but I just found out browsing the Seminole Regional Chamber of Commerce web site who have posted the official ribbon cutting event of this new establishment on September 14, 2011. Apparently JJ Hancock’s is open for business since September 2nd (last Friday).

I’m kind of sad to see Kate O’Brien’s leave. I have only made it out there once for the short time they were in downtown Sanford, but I really liked it.

Nevertheless, I welcome JJ Hancock’s Bar and Grill and look forward to checking it out soon. I like the fact that this place integrated Herbie, Sanford’s favoite rooster who lives on the premises, into their name. Maybe he will be their lucky charm?

JJ Hancocks Bar & Grill
112 East 1st Street
Sanford, FL 32771

Phone: 855-300-4424

Well, more about JJ Hancock’s coming soon so stay tuned…

UPDATE 11/8/11:

Sadly, it seems as if JJ Hancok’s is out of business. Below is a review submitted by one of our readers…

“Went there last Friday night after purchasing a Groupon Now! deal for their establishment. (For those who are unfamiliar, Groupon Now! deals are to be used within 24-hours of purchase.) The deal I purchased that night stipulated I had to use it before 11:45pm that evening. I showed up around 9 to find the place dark and deserted. I could *maybe* see this happening on a Tuesday or something if they decided to close early because of slow business (though Im a firm believer in keeping regular business hours…its worth it in the long run if you ever want to establish a solid customer base) but it was a FRIDAY NIGHT! There was no note on the door or anything to explain why they were closed and I left feeling conned (why did they offer a deal for purchase for hours they didnt plan to be open), frustrated and embarassed (I had a date with me) and not to mention HUNGRY (thats why I purchased the deal to begin with!). What made things worse is that I tried to contact them about it to give them the opportunity to make things right before I went “public” but they dont even have a web site or contact info. They just have a Facebook page. So I wrote my experience on their wall. They deleted it. No message to me or anything. Thats what truly bothers me. I can forgive mistakes…I cant forgive any business or person not willing to admit when they make one. If they dont care to fix a bad impression, how much do they really care about your food/drinks/or any customer service problems? I am not a picky person and I dont usually give bad reviews but I just highly recommend giving other DESERVING businesses your $$”

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[Featured image is of the former restaurant Two Blondes and a Shrimp, taken 2009]