Free gift wrapping in Sanford FL

If I ever had to publish a list of “10 Things You Sure Didn’t Know About Me”, one item on that list would be the fact that I am the WORST gift wrapper you will ever meet. It will literally take me 2 hours and an entire roll of gift wrap and scotch tape to wrap a simple small toy. OK, I might be slightly exaggerating but let me tell you, I am NO gift wrapper; never was and never will be. The problem is that when you have kids, it’s just so much more fun to give them a wrapped gift rather than the convenient gift bag – tissue paper combo.

Now you can certainly understand my excitement when Nelson told me about the free gift wrapping station between Toys’R’Us and Michaels. Being a procrastinator I had not wrapped a single gift for my boys yet (but hey, I actually did have them all bought already!) so I headed out as soon as I could. Expecting long lines with it being the day before Christmas Eve (that’s when we Europeans open our gifts) I was prepared to wait for a while. Well, lucky me, I was one of the only ones and it all took less than 10 minutes to wrap this mountain of gifts that would have taken me an entire day. I gladly left a generous donation and walked away smiling and relieved šŸ™‚