Nikolaus in Sanford

As German I couldn’t have picked a better place to live in Central Florida than Sanford! Having the Willow Tree Cafe, one of the best German restaurants in the country, as well as Magnolia Square Market, truly “a true German Deli”, in town has always kept me close to my “Heimat” and now that I have kids I can continue not only food traditions and share my heritage. Yesterday was another perfect example for it when Saint Nikolaus visited Magnolia Square Market and gave out candy to the kids. In Germany we celebrate December 6th as “Nikolaustag” and it has always been a big holiday in our family. In fact, as it is tradition, the night before December 6th we would polish our winter boots and set them in front of the door so Nikolaus could fill our boots with little gifts and candy over night. The next morning we would wake up, rush to the front door and immediately check our boots 🙂 But there’s much more to the tradition of course.