Seito Sushi Baldwin Park

Seito Sushi Baldwin Park

I have a new favorite Sushi restaurant: Seito Sushi!

We went to their Baldwin Park location (other locations in Celebration, Sand Lake, and Winter Park) for dinner with friends.

Now, I typically don’t like raw tuna straight but when our friends offered us to share their Spicy Tuna Kobachi with us I tried it – and was blown away! The taste was so exquisite and delicious that I almost couldn’t get enough of it! The spicy sauce complemented the tuna perfectly and made it an unforgettable dish that I will definitely order again!

Next I had the Ichiban roll (spicy salmon and cucumber wrapped with avocado and served with eel sauce) and was in sushi heaven 🙂

I haven’t enjoyed eating Sushi so much since my early Sushi days. Seito Sushi in fact made me forget about Amura Sushi (sorry! I have been a loyal customer but you have to top this now!).

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Here is their info:

671 Front Street, #100
Celebration, FL 34747
Phone: 407.566.1889

510 N. Orlando Avenue, #104
Winter Park, FL 32789
Phone: 407.644.

4898 New Broad Street
Orlando, FL 32814
Phone: 407.898.8801

Seito Sushi SANDLAKE
8031 Turkey Lake Road, #700
Orlando, FL 32819
Phone: 407.248.8888

My new favorite Sushi restaurant

My new favorite Sushi restaurant