Sanfordites read mean tweets

Sanford has been in the media so much especially following , of course, the general public has formed a rather negative opinion of our great little town. It’s quite sad actually to read through some of the comments online and of course it’s also upsetting, especially since most of the people commenting have never actually been to Sanford or met anyone who is from here. If they ever had the chance to walk through Sanford and talk to us, the people who are Sanford, I am sure they would quickly change their mind.

The negative comments and tweets found online about Sanford and Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities read mean tweets” inspired my friend Sumalee Eaton to put together a little video of a group of friends (including yours truly) titled “Sanfordites read mean tweets”. To say it with Sumalee’s words, “My goal was to explore the perceptions of Sanford and how the people here feel about those perceptions.

Today’s picture is just a little snapshot of this fun evening of filming the segment. I will share the video once it is published right here and of course on all other social media channels.