German Restaurant in Sanford, FL displaying the German flag

German Restaurant in Sanford, FL displaying the German flag

Admittedly, one of my favorite restaurants in Sanford, and also in the entire Central Florida area (so you will hear more about it and I promise, I’ll have some better pictures of it, too!). Am I biased because I am from Germany? Maybe. But just test the Willow Tree Cafe on First Street yourself and you may understand what I mean. This is not only a restaurant but also a place that can really offer you the atmosphere you may expect at a German restaurant, meaning it can almost make you feel as if you were in Germany. And I must know because I am German.

You may want to visit on their Schunkelabend Night (Thursday – Sunday evenings). Here’s an explanation for “schunkeln” it that I found online:

Schunkeling is that elbow locking, side-to-side rocking you can’t help yourself from doing while having a good German beer and singing along.

If you visit in a larger group you may want to try “Das Boot”, which is kind of funny because the translation of this actually means “The Boat” in German. What is meant though is the giant boot that you will be challenged to drink out of. If you want to make a game of it, try to finish it in one round. Quite a task! But if you manage it, Theo, the owner and chef, may have a Schnapps for you afterward. Not that you would need one at that point 🙂

More information about this awesome German restaurant will follow throughout this blog.

As an end note I just also want to mention the upcoming Oktoberfest in Sanford that will take place on October 9th on First Street. The Oktoberfest event in Sanford is part of Alive After Five, my favorite Sanford event, every second Thursday of the month (every year, on the second Thursday of October it’s Oktoberfest in Sanford FL). From 5pm to 9pm you will be able to sample food and drinks at different booths. There will be lots of music, art and fun for everyone. After the event, it would be fun to end the night at the Willow Tree Cafe for some more German beer and a little dessert. For those of you who want to sing along the famous lines of the original Oktoberfest in Munich (Muenchen), here you go:

“Ein Prosit, ein prosit, der Gemuetlichkeit. Ein Prosit, ein prosit, der Gemuetlichkeit! Eins, zwei, drei, gsuffa. Zickezacke zickezacke hoi hoi hoi, Zickezacke zickezacke, hoi, hoi, hoi.”

Well, that’s basically it and there are obviously tons of variations 🙂

Now, mark your calendars for October 9th! Hope to see you there. And in case you should miss it, check back October 10th because I will surely post a review here with pictures and videos!

P. S. For anyone else interested in hanging out with a German expat or refreshing their German, feel free to contact me!

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